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Special Deal for Incoming Legions And Returning Players

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All members of legions transferring to us from other servers will be rewarded with:

  • 2 days of VIP account status;
  • 3 scrolls for +100% exp boost;
  • 100 toll credits;
  • 500k kinah.

Important!  There must be 5 or more members in a legion to transfer.

Leave your applications HERE   

Please include:
1) The nickname of the Legate;
2) The nicknames of all Legion members, who are transferring to our server;
3) The name of your Legion;
4) Faction (Asmo/Ely);
5) The name of the server where you played before;
6) Screenshot of your Legion (if possible).

Players who were absent from the game for more than a week will receive the following rewards:

  • 2 days of VIP account status;
  • 2 scrolls for +100% exp boost;
  • 100 toll credits.


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