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Registration and use of this Forum means that the User accepts all terms and conditions of these rules in full without any exceptions on the part of the User. The use of this Forum on other grounds is not allowed.

1.Terms and Definitions used in the Rules

1.1 Forum – information resource of the site, the main activity of which is:

Getting information by Users.
Exchange of information between Users.
Communication between Users.
1.2 Users-individuals who have registered on the Forum.

1.3 Moderators - employees of the service, who control one or a group of sections. Their responsibilities include monitoring the implementation of the terms and conditions of these rules by Users, as well as taking measures to prevent violations.

1.4 the main moderators are the staff of the service, whose duties include the appointment or removal of Moderators, coordination of the activities of all Moderators, management of forum sections, as well as consideration of conflict situations arising at the forum.

1.5 Administration – employees of the service who have absolute rights to the information resources provided by the service.

1.6 Nickname – a nickname that identifies a User on the Forum.

1.7 Avatar-graphic image used to personalize the User, displayed under the Nickname.

1.8 Userbar graphic image designed to embed in the signature.

1.9 the Status bar - the graphic image, located under\over text, allowing for the selection of the User. Is created and is assigned only by the Administration of the forum for those or other services user, or as belonging to a certain group of users. 

2. Fundamentals

2.1 These rules regulate the activities of the Aion Destiny forum and are subject to execution by The users and the administration of the project.

2.2 the Administration is not liable for information posted by Forum Users. 

2.3 Changes and additions to these rules come into force from the moment of their publication.

2.4 the official language of communication at the Forum is Russian. It is allowed to write Nicknames in Latin. The use of transliteration (in the form of terms or symbols) is allowed only if necessary. 

3. Exemption from safeguards

The user understands and agrees that:

3.1 the user uses the Forum at his / her own risk. The service is provided by the Forum "as is".

3.2 the Forum does not guarantee that:

The service will fully meet the requirements of Users.
The service will be provided continuously, quickly and reliably.

4. Other conditions

4.1 These rules shall be established for an indefinite period.

4.2 Ignorance of the Forum Rules does not release Users from responsibility for their violation.

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1. Rights and Duties of the forum Administration

1.1 the forum administration reserves the right to change or remove any information posted by Users, at its sole discretion (acting in accordance with this regulation).

1.2 the Administration of this forum have the right in case of violation of User terms and provisions of these regulations apply in relation to those users of the sanctions.

1.3 the forum administration reserves the right to amend or modify the provisions of these Rules without prior notification.

1.4 the administration of the forum is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work of the Forum, for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar failures, as well as for computer problems from which the User accesses the Internet.

1.5 In accordance with the provisions of these Rules, the Administration provides Users with the ability to use the Forum around the clock, except during scheduled maintenance and other circumstances preventing access to the Forum, have arisen through no fault of the Administration.

1.6 do not intentionally disclose information about users, given by Them when registering on the Forum, to third parties.

1.7 do not change the user's nickname, username and password without his consent, except as provided in other paragraphs of these Rules.


2. Rights and obligations of the Users of the forum

2.1 The user has the right to use the Forum exclusively for non-commercial purposes in accordance with these Rules.

2.2 the User has the right to change his / her password. In this case, the User is obliged to ensure the non-disclosure (secret) of his password and other confidential data.
2.3 the User undertakes to register and use only 1 login on the forum.

2.4 the User is forbidden to transfer to third parties the data about his/her forum and game account (login / password).

2.5 when registering, the User chooses a Nickname, taking into account the following features:

  • The Nickname in the form of the website address is prohibited.
  • Nicknames that may lead to erroneous identification of the User (intentionally or accidentally coinciding with the Nicknames of already Registered users of the Forum or the Administration) are prohibited.
  • Nicknames are prohibited, directly or indirectly, violate other Rules of the Forum.

2.6 the User places the Avatar or Userbar with the following features:

  • Prohibited image, directly or indirectly, violate other Rules of the Forum.
  • Do not place images larger than the maximum size of 750px x 150px, (where the first value is the length of the image and the second is the height) to place images larger than the allowed size, place it under the Spoiler.
  • Images that are overloaded with animation (more than two images with animation) are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to publish videos without Spoiler.

2.7 the User must show respect and proper conduct towards other Users, the Forum administrator, namely: 

  • Do not use flame. Expression and actions aimed at response in the form of aggression, provocation with goal force User to join in confrontation with him, or other User, leading to violation of Rules Forum.
  • Do not use phrases, expressions or images that may humiliate or offend feelings or dignity.
  • Do not use profanity, except for graphic images placed under Spoiler'om, with a warning about its content.
  • Do not threaten with violence or physical violence.
  • Do not distribute in any way materials that promote or Express rejection or hatred of any religion, culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, ideology or social movement.
  • Do not post pornographic or erotic content, drugs, scenes of excessive violence and similar things, as well as links to resources containing such information.
  • Do not put forward unfounded, false accusations towards other Users, as well as towards the Administration.
  • Do not post links to resources containing Trojans, viruses, hacking programs, as well as any software that gives The user a gaming advantage.
  • Do not place links to resources containing inaccurate information about the Project(including phishing sites).
  • Do not distribute false information about the Project, Administration, other employees of the server and its activities.
  • Not to distribute any confidential information (including personal correspondence) about any User, Administration, without their written consent.
  • Do not criticize the actions of the Project staff regarding the Forum, as well as the actions of Moderators, outside the specialized sections. 

2.8 the User must not abuse the Forum is not carrying sense messages and themes. To those are equated:

  • Necroposting-Sending a message to a topic that has lost its relevance.
  • Flood - the same type of message massively on the Forum, not carrying meaning, or intended only to increase posts.
  • Overquoting.  - Messages with an excessive amount of quoted material.
  • A topic "apathy" is a Message intended to raise the topic to the top of the list. 
  • Spam-distribution of commercial and other advertising or other types of messages to persons who do not wish to receive them.
  • Offtopic - Messages whose content does not match the subject of the discussion.

2.9 when creating a theme, The user must:

  • Clearly formulate the subject of discussion, taking into account the topic of the section. And also stick to the subject of discussion when sending messages in the future.
  • To verify the absence on the Forum a similar subject of discussion. 
  • Read the additional rules (if any) or the description of a separate section of the Forum.
  • It is correct to choose a section of the Forum with a similar thematic focus.
  • Do not use Crossposting. Not to create an identical on the subject of the discussion topics.

2.10 the User must use the Forum only for discussion of a given theme of the Forum and/or topic of the Forum (the exception is the section "Flood")

2.11 the User is prohibited from publication (placement of information in the form of posts, topics, Nicknames, avatars, Userbars, signatures, and User profile) content following:

  • Trade (or discussion trade) on Forum gaming characters, connections, services to improve individual and accounts for real money (as cash, so and electronic). Advertising of such services is also prohibited.
  • Links to resources that contain information or programs of "hacker" content. 
  • Materials that directly or indirectly violate the copyright and / or other rights of individuals and legal entities.
  • Any information of an advertising nature. Including openly advertise Internet resources (website, forum, ftp, etc.) that have nothing to do with The server resources. It is also forbidden to include links to other resources and images that violate these rules in the signatures (place in the profile, etc.). The exception is links to users ' home pages. In any case, texts with calls to visit such pages are prohibited.
  • Abuse of codes (tags), colors, capital letters. The red color is for the administration.
  • Discussion of any vulnerabilities of the Project.

2.12 the User is prohibited from quoting posts that contain clear violations of forum Rules.

2.13 Users are prohibited from intentionally or accidentally impersonating another User, a representative of the Administration.

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