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Update #25

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The following bugs got fixed:

  • Deadly Abandon;
  • Brand of Nemesis;
  • The problem with the black list;
  • Removed invisible barriers;
  • An incorrect number of attack speed when there are bonuses from two weapons;
  • Random disbanding of a party;
  • Boss Ragnarok;
  • Killing common guards in forts of Abyss now gives 60 AP.


  • Fixed extra triggering of the craft counter at crit craft.


  • A Safer Crater;
  • Octanu's Lair;
  • The Shugo Menace;
  • [Instance/Group] Rescuing Haorunerk;
  • Jotun Jaunt;
  • Making Setzkiki Laugh;
  • The Exterminator;
  • The Sorcerer Preceptor's Task;
  • [Instance] Taming Manual;
  • Easy as 4,3,2,1;
  • Munching Mookie Pickles.

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