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Update #24

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Monsters’ aggression radius

"Hellpath Entrance" mission

Grogget’s endless shield

Monsters' evasion at the Sky Temple

"White" strike resist (from 51 lvl)

<Ripple of Purification> (obstacle)

Fixed the damage logging of summons and traps

Debuffs after using <Sandstorm Trap>

<Retreating Slash> can be used with one-handed weapon

Cap of Magic Boost is now in accordance with the current version – 2600

Fixed chanter’s <Protective Ward>

You can’t use <Hide> if you get damaged, but not if you aggro'ed a monster

Healing skills now heal HP instantly (not after an animation)

• Visual bug of displaying NPC prices

Monsters now can detect <Hide II>

Quest <In-Cider Trading>

Quest <[Spy/Group] The Draupnir Weapons>

Corrected NPC’s working: Katia

Quest <[Top Expert] Alchemy Expert>

Problems with legion’s leveling up

Quest <[Group] A Guard's Curse>

Problems with brokers

Item <Unknown Petal>

Fixed the work of Death Mabolo

<[Group] Dredging the Dredgion>

Corrected respawn time of Gelkmaros monsters

Corrected the distance of free falling (now it's shorter than before)

Fixed the “Friends List” tab

Quest <Where's Belbua?>

Quest <[Group] Pressing the Attack>

Quest <[Group] Damaging the Dredgion>

Quest <Healing Elixir>


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