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Dear players! Quite often we see your questions which you want to be answered in detail.
We try to address all your queries, but sometimes the answers to the most important ones get lost.

Many of you ask us what will be in the next update or when the next event takes place. After all, you all wonder how our server will get developed. So we've decided to launch a new rubric: the Digest of Aion Destiny.

In each issue, we answer the most interesting, essential and frequent questions. So the answers to them won't sink in the sea of posts and comments :)
Also, in the Digest you can learn about the future events on the server. Be it a fun new contest or a global update.
And lastly, in each issue, you will learn a bit more about one person from our team. What do they do and know? 

Write your questions for the Digest in the comments on this topic, and we'll pick the best ones. You can also tell us what else you'd like to see in the Digest :)

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Dear players, we are pleased to present you the first issue of the Destiny Digest!

After reviewing the topic with your questions for the Digest, we saw a lot of various and interesting ones. You asked us about literally every aspect of the server life. However, we managed to find out the three most essential questions that arose not only in that topic but also on the other platforms.

So, here are these questions:

1. When the update 2.5 will be installed? Why does it take so long?
2. Will there be a website for the English speaking community?
3. When will new events arrive?


You asked -  we answer!

1. The update 2.5 will certainly be installed, but so far we haven't decided on a certain date. Many of you asked to upgrade to this version soon, but we don't want to hurry. There are many more ideas to be implemented in the current version that require a huge amount of time.  In a while you'll begin noticing a new content within the version 2.1. Also, as you see, the playerbase has greatly increased over the last month. So we want to give a chance to these new players to enjoy the current version and to achieve their in-game goals - this is why we aren't upgrading to 2.5 anytime soon.

2. There are a lot of people from various countries playing on the server, and over the last month their number grew even more ;)
We understand that we have to adjust our services for them and we work in this direction. Our Forum and Discord are ready for the English speaking community, but building of the website takes more time than setting up the other platforms. Soon we'll transform the website to make it more convenient for both the INT and RU players. Talking about social media, we have an idea to create a group on Facebook and also an Instagram account, but we'll begin the realization of this idea a little later.

3. New events are still in development. Due to the dramatic growth of the playerbase, our main task was eliminating lag, disconnects, etc. As you know, we've moved to better server hardware. But all of this doesn't mean there will be no events! We're going to launch an event "Most Wanted Daeva 2.0." This event already took place within the Russian community, and the RU players loved it. This time we invite the INT players too and make some changes to the event that are based on players' preferences and suggestions. Prepare your weapons, daevas, and be ready!


Well, we've answered the most important questions, and yet we have some more news to tell. We're recruiting new GMs, and now we've moved to the second phase - the reviewing of the applications sent. As soon as we assess all the entries, we'll select several candidates that have made a good impression on us and will invite them for an interview. 


And now here comes the most interesting section! We're going to tell you about one person from our friendly team :)
The first to open this rubric will be our Global Moderator - Svetlana!


We asked a few questions to Svetlana regarding our project; let's see what the answers are :)
1. Hello, Svetlana, tell us how did you know about our server?

I came across the server by chance in early September. At that time it just appeared on mmotop.ru*  and attracted me with its old-school version. I could not resist, so I decided to check out the forum and the website to learn more about the project.
I have a ton of experience with this game version because I played on many, many various private servers of Aion and I have seen much.

2. How did you get into the team? What made you apply?

After I familiarized myself with the server, I began to notice how fast went the debugging process. Then the server was in the closed beta stage. I helped with fixing bugs as a common player and as a tester. But then a thought came to my mind, 'why not to try myself in a new role?' After all, I had a great desire to help this server grow :)
After thinking for a few days, I decided to write to Destiny and offer him my assistance in the development of the project. A couple of days later I received an answer and was offered a position of a moderator, and I was very glad about it. I got into a small, but very friendly team, that is gradually evolving, both in the number of members and in the expertise!

3. But at first you were a common moderator, and now you already occupy the post of the lead forum moderator. Tell us, was it hard for you to achieve this position, and what are your duties?

Yes, when I was accepted to the team, I was an ordinary moderator, but gradually, developing along with the project, I was offered a promotion to the global moderator position. I was very happy. However, the higher is the position, the more work is to be done. Amount of the work has increased several times. My task is to control the forum: remove spam, "clean" the topics, answer the questions of the RU and INT players, interact with users, and so on.

4. What would you suggest to the players who also want to join the team?

To have patience and good nerves. Our server grows and develops, new players come, and new challenges and problems arise that must be solved quickly and properly.

This was our lead moderator  Svetlana, we thank her and let her go work further :)


Our first issue has come to the end, and we hope you enjoyed reading it. We're now off to prepare a new one, where we will open even more of secret doors!

P.S. Leave your ideas for the next issue of the Digest in this topic ^^


*mmotop.ru is a most popular Russian rating website for private servers, like xtremetop100.

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