[Guide] How to purchase your VIP

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Hi everyone,

This is a guide on how to purchase your VIP on Aion Destiny for more advantages in-game (x2 rates: XP, drop, gather, craft, etc).

The following screenshots have been translated to english to facilitate the guide.

To sum up, you need to buy cash shop currency in order to purchase your VIP pack. In other words, you will need to buy tolls with real currency (RUB, €, USD, etc) to be able to trade your tolls for the necessary amount of your desired VIP pack.


Step 1: Insert your desired amount

Take into consideration your available tolls. 1 RUB  = 1 toll.

For instance, in the screen provided, I have 17 tolls available on my account (remember, you get 1 toll for each hour spent on the game)

The minimum required for a vip is 350 tolls (RUB).

Click on the button to continue your shopping.


Step 2: Select your payment method

I recommend you use Visa or Mastercard because we don't actually support PayPal.

The payment is 100% secure.


Step 3: Enter your card details

If you don't want to, don't save your your card details in the dashboard.


Step 4: Confirm your transaction with the text message from your bank (depends on your bank)

Example: Confirmation from a bank in France.


Step 5: Go to the cash shop on the website (scroll down main page)


Step 6: Select your VIP pack




In some cases, payment does not work the first time. It is possible that purchasing gets cancelled. Some players have attempted a few more times in order for it to work.

In case this method doesn't work for your country, try using Webmoney which is a russian-american version of PayPal. In this case, please contact @Destiny for more information.

Currency exchange and commission: if you're buying tolls therefore roubles with a foreign currency like Euro or USD..., your bank will charge you a small exchange fee.

For example: when I bought 350 RUB with Euro, I paid Robokassa's commission (the payment tool used by the server), so it became 374,50 RUB. However, the charged fee on my bank account corresponded to an equivalent of 450 RUB total. So expect the same according to your local currency.


Thank you all for you time. I hope this was of help.

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One more thing I forgot to say:

The estimated time to reach level 55 without VIP is more than 120 hours.

The estimated time to reach level 55 with VIP is 80 hours.

These numbers concern only XP and no gathering/crafting, etc...

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