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  1. Hi, as the title says, we are looking for some PvP focussed players for our small Legion, named "Astral". The majority of us is from germany. What we require: -Activity -Gear (we dont expect a full L55 AP set, but some basic PvP gear at least would be nice) -Experience / game knowledge / skill (I will test you in duels to make sure about it :p) -You should know the german or the english language on a decent level for a fluent communication What we offer: -Open world PvP -Dredgions -An own TeamSpeak server -Skilled and kind members to play and talk with We are searching especially for Templars, Clerics and Chanters, but if you satisfy our requirements, it doesn't matter which class you are playing. Feel free to write me here or whisper ingame to "Neo" or "Rayzed". Cheers