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  1. <Insane> International Asmodian Legion

    You should make tl;dr version
  2. Tak jak w temacie, szukam aktywnych graczy z Polski po stronie elyos lub asmo.
  3. LF international (english) legion

    Is ImaginaryFriends still recruiting ? I am 55 Cleric and got 55 ranger friend
  4. Hello, Anyone from EU Nexus server playing here ?
  5. Failed to Initialize Error

    I've done that as well and that didnt work as well. I found a problem myself. I had system locale set to japanese since I'm playing alot of games from Japan. I switched it to english and it works. You can close the topic.
  6. Failed to Initialize Error

    Seriously I can't get any help after 20h ? Great customer service
  7. Failed to Initialize Error

    Hello I need help with this error. I've been reinstalling client a lot of times already. Also I've seen topic about this error but sadly the solution doesn't work. Game runs in russian but when I switch to english l10n I am getting this...