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  1. Today's Core Siege

    Awesome, and yes you have explained nothing except that Insane legion isn't comming.
  2. Today's Core Siege

    Today gonna be any pvp for core or are you still trading this fortress ?
  3. 3.0 status

    Grow up kid, then we can talk.
  4. 3.0 status

    I saw some drama on LFG yday but was online only for 20 min, did some pvp while dredgion was in core then logged out. Got alot of stuff on 4.6 to do
  5. 3.0 status

    Insane is one legion, we have few other big legions like Imaginary Friends or WhiteWolves and I haven't seen them on sieges as well
  6. 3.0 status

    Yday's core siege = 0 asmo. Explain me then, how can we take core easily and since 2 weeks we can;t even take one upper abyss fortress
  7. 3.0 status

    Sure, trading core and other sieges, is a good pvp. I could farm 50 abg in 2 weeks if we had pvp for abyss sieges here but its better to be a retard and trading them. And I am not crying, I simply choose better server for pvp.
  8. 3.0 status

    Except that online isn't growing. Most ppl have chanter boxed online, rest is afk or w/e they are doing in towns. PVP on sieges doesn't exist lately as well. Cba to play here when shitload of ppl got ahk or no animation. You have to farm 1 year to get abg since there aren't arenas. Rather play on 4.6 until at least 2.7 is here and I can get gear without of grinding or donating for the dead server.
  9. 2.7 ETA

    After today's core siege I quit this server. Rather play on 4.6 and have pvp
  10. 2.7 ETA

    Any ETA for 2.7 update ? At this point this server is so boring, the only good pvp is on divine sieges and of course its lagging there as hell. Don't see a point in logging in until 2.7 is out.
  11. No Soul Sickness for Non-Vip Players

    It does, but the only Instances I do are AP ones, and if VIP doesn't incrase rate of relics then it's pointless. Of course you can farm BT or w/e you want and get 2 shooted in gelk/ingi like plenty of ppl here.
  12. No Soul Sickness for Non-Vip Players

    Is that so ? Then its allright, I got things wrong I guess. And yeah friend forgot to buy VIP and we got same drops as usual in 3 instances so yeah.
  13. If you made no soul sickness for all players then what's the point of buying VIP now ? Most players are 55 lvl and we don't need 2x exp rate, drop doesn't increase much with VIP (tested in eso/mkad). Do you plan to implement any other bonuses to compensate for that ?
  14. Platinum Medals

    Nothing to believe, you can see it on lfg
  15. Platinum Medals

    Don't really care if you believe. 55 Staff costed me alone 1.5kkk