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  1. This program is unavailable in your country.

    Cindz, I had the same error message and I figured out what was wrong. When I extract the L10E .rar file, it creates an extra folder (L10E folder in another L10E folder). Check if it does the same for you. If it does, cut the second folder and place it on top of the first one. It worked for me.
  2. NA Ping

    So I tried the server and in the starting zone my ping range from 175-250. It's not too bad. Can someone help me configure one of the service to lower ping? I have never used them so I would like to know if there are free ones and how to configure them.
  3. NA Ping

    Hello All, I am considering starting to play here and I would like to know what would my ping be around, I'm from Eastern Canada. Also, can someone give me some details on patch 2.5, I can't remember exactly what Aion "era" that is. Max lvl 55? Do group quest still exist in lower areas (like lvl 15-19)? Thanks!