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  1. Can't get Toll.

    Good day. Me and my friends had problems with the robokassa since day one it either was getting stuck on "checking" for the payment or it was saying that the payment was "declined" from the bank, which was not, there were no requests for payment to my bank. Today it just stopped working, i'm trying to get 900 tolls since more than an hour now, and it's just getting stuck on "checking" or either is saying that it's declined by the bank, which again, it is not. I'm using mastercard and raiffeisen bank, which speaks for its name. Cheers, Cleos. Edit: Finally some payment went through, but the problem will persist in the future.
  2. Cube expansion

    I'm stupid... Thank you it worked! Cheers!
  3. Cube expansion

    Good day. New player here and loving the server. Yesterday I tried to expand my inventory and the npc in Sanctum said "your cube cannot be further expanded" although it was my first attempt to expand it. Today when I logged in it remained the same. My friend did it without any trouble. Char name is Cleos, Elyos. Any help will be appreciated.