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  1. English - Russian dictionary of Aion

    Bump/Update this please. Need translations for campaigns. <Hand of the Ice Claw> <Lepharist Poison Research> as examples.
  2. It's about 79 ping, it's very low here.
  3. Ah, I think you misread, my ping is very good like playing on NA server! My ping is VERY good. Thank you for the reply. Server is in Moscow thanks for answering that as well.
  4. I'd like to take the time to say thank you Aion Destiny for existing and bringing the good nostalgic Aion back! I live in NA central time zone so getting up at 3AM, 12noon, and 3PM are the only times for me to queue dredge which is difficult but thank you for existing for players like me that enjoy this game very much as Aion is very close to my heart. I hope that players continue to enjoy the game as it should be and help it thrive. I apologise if I don't speak Russian I am from Canada, but I am learning the symbols for Dark Poeta, oT and Besh is NXEC or something. Tank is TNK haha or something like that and I can't type thanks but I know it's cnc. I'm also enjoying playing with the Korean players even though I don't speak that language. A wholesome thank you to the community for fast replies for English support and all the work of the servers being really stable. I'm not sure where the servers are based but I when I first started I thought my ping was going to be garbage because I assumed this game was stationed in Russia, it's like NA servers so smooth. Cheers!