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  1. Corrupted files. Please help

    i did it. for the second time i downloaded the whole game and it ended downloading some minutes ago
  2. Corrupted files. Please help

    You mean the whole 17 gb game or the launcher?
  3. Corrupted files. Please help

    i did and thats exactly the same
  4. Corrupted files. Please help

    Έτσι, κατέβασα ξανά σε ρυθμίσεις παραθύρων. Αλλά παρόλο που έχω εισάγει το όνομα χρήστη και τον κωδικό μου
  5. ???? 1023

    why cant it ever be easy for me and games i love...
  6. ???? 1023

    well i went and started the game from the bin 32 as you said to anoither member but when i entered my username and password this pops up
  7. ???? 1023

    i used it and that comes out when it is supposed to show me the login screen after the ncsoft logo
  8. ???? 1023

    i used it. Before it was flickering and showing me ncsoft logo and then black picture and again and again. It was like switcing qualities. I have 64 bit pc and it cant run the 64 bit file for some reason
  9. ???? 1023

  10. ???? 1023

    I open the launcher and when it is supposed to show the ncsoft logo it flickers for 2 secs and then it tells me ??? 1023 with more question marks and no words