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  1. LF international (english) legion

    If you are active and know how to play it wont take long to reach our level. So if you think you meet those criteria you are welcome.
  2. LF international (english) legion

    ImaginaryFriends is recruiting on asmodian side. We are an international PVP legion. PM me (casna) ingame if interested.
  3. Hello, I've been doing alot of Dredgion runs daily since i play here and i have experienced numerous times that the opposite party got a key from the middle mob from a different run and just avoids everything when it comes to pvp and just rushes straight towards the boss. In my opinion this kills the the Dredgion since it is a PVPVE instance and not just PVE. Can we make it so that whenever someone loots a key inside the instance and doesn't use it in that run, that the key will be deleted from his/her inventory? This would atleast make me enjoy running Dredgion more and i hope that there are more people here that agree with me. Thank you Casna
  4. Need my Tolls

    i have my toll now thanks is there any way to close this thread?
  5. Need my Tolls

    Oh i have donated before and didn't had to wait that long. I will be more patienced then thank you ))
  6. Need my Tolls

    I donated though..
  7. Need my Tolls

  8. Need my Tolls

    Hey, I've donated yesterday through Paypal but i still didn't get my Toll. Did something go wrong?
  9. Paypal error

    I have the same problem. Can i pleeeeaaasse send you money or do you not want it?