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  1. NA Aion Players

    That’s only because I work 100 hours a week lol, I always get back to my messages when I get back to my computer tho. And I’m as active as humanly possible with the way I work. Won’t stop keeping in touch with people.
  2. NA Aion Players

    Anybody from NA Aion AionWarz AionHeroes GamezAion Originally from Korean closed beta. I Play aion 6.2 retail along with Aion Destiny.RU Looking to find more NA players or dedicated PvPr's Message me here on In Game Elyos Side Name: Parris Na Aion Servers Triniel Vaizel Siel Zikel Danaria Ex BG of <Hate> Ex BG of <Flawless> Ex Bg of <Audacity> Ex Legion member of <Team Brodan> Ex Legion member of <SunShine> Ex Legion member of <Hello Kitty Nation> Might toss the idea around of making an NA player Guild since the elyos on this server dont know how to siege and have no coordination. Anybody that has played or know about NA Aion and speak english feel free to message me. Na Gladiator for attention