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  1. [SOLVED] File Corrupted????

    You're welcome. It's important to remove the old client.
  2. [SOLVED] File Corrupted????

    Have you removed the old client (2.1)?
  3. Download 2.5?

    For me it works. Keep trying, it should allow downloading soon.
  4. Unscheduled server restart

    A quick tech restart at 15:00 GMT! Apologies for the inconvenience
  5. 2.5 bin 32 Error

    How about now? Same error? Also, did you remove 2.1 client ?
  6. [SOLVED] File Corrupted????

    Try to disable your antivirus because it might have blocked or destroyed some of the game files. Then repair the game via torrent (meaning you need to open your torrent program and let it update the files). Then post the result here.
  7. The server is ON!

    Dear players, the server is now available! Also, there is a change in the server rules: 3.10 Coming and staying in the peace zones of Ingisson / Gelkmaros is forbidden for an opposite faction. The server rules:
  8. Font for mapping Cyrillic to Latin alphabet

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated!!
  9. Detecting Possible Errors in 2.5

    Dear players! There're only a few hours left before the release of Aion 2.5, but already now you can launch the client and detect possible errors. If after logging on you see a message like in the screenshot below ("There is maintenance on the server, try again later"), it means everything is set up correctly and at 12:00 GMT you will enter the game without troubles Otherwise, If you have any error, then please describe it in the comments to this forum topic.
  10. having trouble with my ping

    Hi, I've replied in the other topic, please have a look:
  11. unstable ping and delays

    Hi, launch cmd.exe, then run the following command: tracert Take a screenshot and show it to Destiny. He will suggest you something. Most likely, you need to talk to your ISP and ask them to optimize your traffic routing. Regards!
  12. I cant log my acc

    Send a message to Destiny, please. http://forum.aiondestiny.ru/index.php?/messenger/compose/&to=1
  13. having trouble with my ping

    Do you use Moscow server in WTFast?
  14. Open Beta of 2.5

    Dear players, today (April, 15) at 18:00 GMT, starts open beta testing of the patch 2.5. To join the test, you need to download the new client: http://aiondestiny.ru/client/client/ Also, download this archive: OBT.rar Then you need to do the following: 1. Remove bin32 folder from the game client; 2. Unpack all files from the above archive into the root game folder; 3. Run the file ОБТ.bat This file is only to enter the beta testing! After the server upgrade on April, 20 you must use our usual launcher.