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  1. Double EXP Event

    ⚡May,1: rates x2 on exping, lvling craft, and DROP! ⚡May, 2-4: x2 on exping and craft! ⚡VIPs have x3 😉 Have fun and nice drops The rates will take effect after the server restart this night (at 03:00 a.m. GMT.)
  2. How to start playing on our server

    Dear players, when you ponder about which faction to choose - please consider picking a side with a smaller number of players. This will help maintain a healthy balance on the server. Also, a faction with fewer players will often have a bonus for newcomers: usually, it includes a 24h VIP status, exp boost amulets and a ticket for cube expansion. You can see if there's an active faction bonus on the main page: More info about the bonus can be found on the forums. Thank you!
  3. paypal donation

    Hello, unfortunately, PayPal is now unavailable If you're in a country other than the US, you can pay with Visa/Mastercard. See this guide: If you're from the US, then you have to wait for some time until PayPal works again. We apologize for the inconvenience! Also, you can receive some free tolls from voting for the server:
  4. How to fix: Download these files. Go to the main game folder, then to "Sounds" in it, then to "music"; Remove files in "music" folder (you might want to make a backup first); Replace them with the files you've downloaded at the first step; Log on to the game and go to the Settings --> Sound Options. Make sure you have music checked; You should be good now
  5. A change in selling loot rights

    Dear players! If you want to sell loot from a boss, then you need to know the following. Now, after killing, drops will be visible only to those players who were included in a party at the moment of a kill. If you invite someone to the party after the kill, then the loot will be empty for them. What you need to do is to pick up the drop and pass it on to the player. Important! The buyer must stand beside you at the moment of picking up the drop. The original post
  6. Send a message to Destiny and specify your account name in it.
  7. Did you talk to the administrator? Thanks for your donation.
  8. [SOLVED] VIP?

    Hi there, you need to click on your name once you've logged in into you account. (Look for the icon in the form of 2 little gears - it's on the right of your name). Click on your name and you'll see your status. The gears button is for changing email and password, by the way.
  9. [SOLVED] File Corrupted????

    You're welcome. It's important to remove the old client.
  10. [SOLVED] File Corrupted????

    Have you removed the old client (2.1)?
  11. Download 2.5?

    For me it works. Keep trying, it should allow downloading soon.
  12. Unscheduled server restart

    A quick tech restart at 15:00 GMT! Apologies for the inconvenience
  13. 2.5 bin 32 Error

    How about now? Same error? Also, did you remove 2.1 client ?
  14. [SOLVED] File Corrupted????

    Try to disable your antivirus because it might have blocked or destroyed some of the game files. Then repair the game via torrent (meaning you need to open your torrent program and let it update the files). Then post the result here.
  15. The server is ON!

    Dear players, the server is now available! Also, there is a change in the server rules: 3.10 Coming and staying in the peace zones of Ingisson / Gelkmaros is forbidden for an opposite faction. The server rules: