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  1. I'm interesting in acquiring the design: Design: Worthy Durable Wrud Bow (asmo side). It seems hard to find any level 30 designs at all. Send me a PM if you have the design.
  2. Balic Design: Start Dragon's ...

    So just the item ID's are required - the item names will follow automatically once the item ID's are used with the client? How should this list be formatted?
  3. Balic Design: Start Dragon's ...

    So the deal here is that the community do the work of gathering information needed to add the missing items or how do things work around here? And if so, what's next?
  4. The issue has been resolved on Discoard. Someone just linked a picture of the quest and it says you must be level 50 and I'm only level 48, so that's the reason. There is just no way of knowing this, if you, well, don't know it already, because nothing points you to this fact in-game that I have found.
  5. Hi, I'm attempting to get the quest for expert essencetapping. My skill is at 399 and if I go see the essencetapping NPC in Pandaemonium, he also won't allow me to advance any further. A text on the screen says that I must complete the test first (see the picture). But the problem is that I never received the quest, so I can't complete it. The NPC won't give me the quest and it is not because my journal is full because I checked that already. I also tried to relog several times but nothing appears to make any difference.