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  1. I'd like to deposit to Tol.

    How did u do that? u send donation to paypal mail? that system isn't working for almost a month. Pls read it carefully, also if its possible decline your donation and use method from the theme, if its nopt possible, then send me into pm screenshot with payment check.
  2. ммотоп

    Добрый день, значит вы голосуете не верно, скиньте мне в лс скрин с вашего лк где видно ваш логин.
  3. Не могу зайти в игру

    Удаляете папку и перепроверяете клиент торрентом, он сам докапает недостающее.
  4. Перенос TOLL

  5. Dear Players, Today, from 22:00 GMT to 00:00 GMT (01:00 am Moscow and 3:00 am Moscow) data center will be on maintenance. Server could be unavailable for 5 mins or more during that time. Please don't plan any dungeon runs.
  6. I send mony for paypal, but i dont got a Tall

    Hi, how did u do that? Payments are now automatic, if u send them manually - decline your payment and use method from the link
  7. Добрый день, это реально сделать багом текстур, но у нас это запрещено и игрок уже наказан.
  8. Request of the Elim Bug

    Hi, .questrestart ID (quest is u can find in any database u like, commonly 4-5 numbers
  9. Результаты PVP ивентов.

    26.10.19 PvP Challenge by Kirena №25 1е место: Vortex 6 [item: 186000030] и 15 [item: 160010101] 2е место: Хокаге 4 [item: 186000030] и 10 [item: 160010101] 3е место: SayaKisaragi 2 [item: 186000030] и 5 [item: 160010101] Сетка:
  10. I dont receive my toll

    Check, done.
  11. I dont receive my toll

    Hi, did you donate yesterdays evening?
  12. 2x2 PvP Challenge №4

    Ивент отменен, в связи с малым количеством участников
  13. 2x2 PvP Challenge №4

  14. Eseencetapping Master. Can you do it here?

    Hi, 499 is max.