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  1. Open Second Server x2?

    go die in cancer with your all family of animals and go to school dumb trash maybe you can speak eng witouth translator
  2. Open Second Server x2?

  3. Open Second Server x2?

    second project same developers team start with 3.0/3.5/3.7 end same pattern like 1.9/2.5/2.7 j
  4. Open Second Server x2?

    3.0 its most balanced version stop make excuses and most played version in aion era check numbers aion 3.0 videos views and population comparation if you cant play 3.0 you are bad
  5. Open Second Server x2?

    theaion need die cause 800 players there for mega bugs server a good server 3.0 can get 1200-2000 online if bug fix
  6. Open Second Server x2?

    they have resource open a second server if people request it
  7. Open Second Server x2?

    3.0 best version but no decent servers to play
  8. Open Second Server x2?

    Open New Server with 3.0 version with no bugs to close forever theaion shit server??
  9. Nexus -asmo legion -Weather-Leaks-juicy leg chat ss

    im alive you morron and still god in 1v1 but im bored of zerg i preffer 3.0 im bored of zerg
  10. Взломали аккаунт

    sold or buy account for sure
  11. Aion Weather FPS BOOST

    original version
  12. Aion 2.7 vs Aion 3.0

    What Aion Version You Preffer??
  13. Aion System.cfg KOREAN

    bloodness its a troll i kicked from my legion and he spread toxicity
  14. <Nexus> International Asmodian Legion

    Clerics my friend and Chanters