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  1. <Nexus> International PvE & PvP Legion

    <NEXUS> Welcome to <NEXUS> International Legion Recruitment thread for all asmodians. Here you can follow us, contact us, or join us. The Nexus Its An International PvE & PvE Legion Since 2009 _____________________ _____ "GOAL" -To Reach the Rank of the Top of the of the Abyss. -To have daily activities. -To have the legion every day. -Fun PvP togheter. -Have, Farm World Boss,Dungeons And Much More . __________________________________________________ _______________ Requirements to the join -Level: 40+ -Active / Loyal / Friendly & Helpful -Atleast speak some English & Understand -Have Discord / TeamSpeak __________________________________________________ _______________ To Join Nexus You Must Complete These Question in this Format Name: Age: Level: Class: GMT TIME: Discord:Yes/No __________________________________________________ _______________ Brigade general -Weather __________________________________________________ _______________ Deputies Accordance / Sphere Oskar _______________________________________________ _______________ Centurions Ok Thanos ________________________________________________ _______________ Thx Brigade General Weather
  2. Marvin asmo ranger said he is best player on server
  3. Best Ranger

    He said he is best ranger on server
  4. 1. Nickname of the offender;MUFASA 2. Your nickname;Weather 3. Type of the violation;Stole Items Insult me on Public and my Family 4. Proof of the violation (fraps/raw screenshot); 5. Your commentary.ban this kid permanently or ban this chat permanently + remove items
  5. Elyos English Legion <PerfectGenes>

    nice keep going and make english community grow
  6. Version 2.5 coming soon ?

    end of february from what i know