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  1. I have kill Captain Zanata in objective i killed him few times, it doesnt count
  2. Bound for Ingisson

    I have quest item from completed camp quest which i cant even discard
  3. Kaidan Headquarters quest

    Hi, can you tell if its possible to drop Korumonerks Cube for quest Korumonerks Worry on lvl 50?
  4. Craft delevel

    Is there a way to delevel or remove my craft? or it will be in future?..for money i think
  5. NPC Feles

    This NPC is not in the game i checked few times day and night
  6. Server offline

    this is eng speaking section guys...
  7. compensations

    hope we get some for tonight and not xp i lost 50-70k ap
  8. Server offline

    is server down?
  9. Glaciont the Hardy

    oh, that worked why i didnt realized that:) many thanks
  10. Glaciont the Hardy

    Hi im stuck on this mission on part find Glaciont the Hardy i killed him few times before i realize i should just aproach him and get the cinematics i tried it from every way but nothing happens