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  1. Introduce yourself!

    I guess I will be the first. Hello everyone! My name is Linch, I am from central US, never really played the older versions of Aion so i can't really say what i like about them. As for Aion experiance i played afew private servers in the past, played abit of the retail ver of Aion never got past probably level 20, so after playing retail abit i started a search for older versions of Aion to enjoy the story and lore of the game pre changes to the starting zones and such. Happy to be here and ready to have fun!
  2. Your Nicknames in The Game

    My name is Linch in game currently level 4 warrior going into templar
  3. [SOLVED] game not launching

    Update: Finally got the game to launch, i just added both the launcher and client on allowed apps list and aswell as added the folder to expections list in my antivirus, Thank you all for your help if i need anything else I will let you guys know
  4. [SOLVED] game not launching

    1) Unblock the launcher in its Properties; ~ not sure how 2) Turn off your antivirus and Windows Defender; tried this can confirm it's not my firewall. 3) Run the launcher as admin; always do. I even set it to run as admin. 4)Try running the launcher that is in the bin32 folder; also tried this, also set as run as admin. 5) Switch to Win10. that's something i may have to look into. I have a strange feeling my .bin files are trying to be opened as notepad, and the game just having it..... or I am missing something. idk LOL think i am starting to lose my mind lol.
  5. [SOLVED] game not launching

    I can try these when i get home from work.
  6. [SOLVED] game not launching

    Update: redownloaded via torrent deleted the L10N extracted the other one, inserted the client and.... nothing....
  7. [SOLVED] game not launching

    I can give redownloading a try, and give an update
  8. [SOLVED] game not launching

    I just hope running 64 bit isn't causing the issue anyone 64 bit of the game just fine?
  9. [SOLVED] game not launching

    soooooo i recent downloaded the game, extracted the client and the LN set the path. and when i hit play.... nothing.... no aion sign just no game aion.bin is in my processes just doesn't do anything. What am i doing wrong? how can i fix this? Thanks!