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  1. CHINA PING 180ms

    you are korean??>???
  2. yes .and i will fck you as. come . take you as .give me fck fck .ok ? i pay 1$ for 1 time
  3. so now , laokkk fck Slayer . Slayer fck Gleimer1 ,gleimer fck link .link fck vortex???? we not 2v2? is 1v1v1v1?????? hahahaha
  4. Elyo NO.1 gladiator = Brs vs laokkkkkk
  5. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    i just say : You must be a child who has failed in real life. Maybe you are only 12 years old, but I will give you the same love as your father. As your father, I will love you, dear son. i love you .dear son~~~
  6. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    hahaha .my legion player got you
  7. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    next maker vedio ag ,like this very funny .hahahaha .i + you
  8. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    I don't care what wins or loses at all, I just want to have fun with my own mood. Your video is very funny. The time in the middle laughed at me. Hahaha
  9. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    no no .is 1v1 ,i kill you 100%HP ,not 4player . but is fine .you dont want. this and .your vedio .is very funny , and i very hahahahahahaha .thank you .today i log .and i happy today
  10. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    is here ,you 1v1 me ,you hit first ,and i lost 80% HP . and 20%HPme kill you 100% .dont show ??
  11. Attention Laokkkk (China NO.2)

    no no ,last time , you 1v1 in asmo map. and you stream ,you hit me first ,when you Hide 2 . and you dont want show it ? 1v1