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  1. Elyos English Legion <PerfectGenes>

    3 english legions have now merged and become Shameless. We are now 80 members strong with an online average of 15 at night and 4-5 during working hours. Feel free to pm Ippo, Maxine, Fufu, Kreeper or me to join
  2. [SOLVED] Failed connect server 1

    Yeah, I tried with a VPN and it worked. Problem is solved anyway now. Thank you!
  3. [SOLVED] Failed connect server 1

    Same problem, downloading the launcher didn't fix it. Did a full reinstall and it fixed nothing.
  4. Boss spawning times on AionDestiny

    Hi there! I wanted to know if World Bosses schedule was released somewhere in Russian. I recently learnt that Menotios spawns all Sunday at 22:00 Moscow time, are there other bosses that follow a particular rule that is documented somewhere? Thanks!
  5. I started playing Destiny 1 month ago and Paksigue ( was working fine. Now when I try to kill him, he resets every time I move away from him. Kiting him resets him. Same happened to Menotios on Sunday, if you don't stay just where he is, he resets. It used to work but doesn't anymore.
  6. English - Russian dictionary of Aion

    It's just that sometimes I translate entire sentences with deepl and aoe/hp are mistranslated Thank you
  7. English - Russian dictionary of Aion

    Hi, can someone translate HP and AOE plz? Thank you
  8. Deleting the original folder and pasting the downloaded one worked for me
  9. As the tutorial says, I extracted the 10Gb archive to a "Aion Destiny" folder and then replaced the I10N folder with the one I downloaded. I don't delete the existing I10N folder, I just agree to replace the existing files. I saw a streamer with an english map but he didn't remember how he did it. Any idea? Thanks
  10. Nochsana Trainig Camp - loot not implemented

    I did //dropinfo on the Nochsana General and the Nochsana weapons are not in it. We killed the general and got a manastone The droprate for a blue on this boss is 100% Here is the list of items we could have dropped : <Nochsana Sword> <Nochsana Greatsword> <Nochsana Spear> <Nochsana Dagger> <Nochsana Bow> <Nochsana Tome> <Nochsana Jewel> <Nochsana Staff> <Nochsana Warhammer> <Nochsana Shield>
  11. Elyos English Legion <PerfectGenes>

    Nothing much to say, we are now 30 from all around the world (Canada, Ukraine, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany...) and we're looking for mates to lvl up and play with. We're not max level yet, feel free to join with your new character Just PM Seduza, our Legion leader, and tell him you come from the forum ! See you ingame, Saucissauteuse.