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  1. Спасибо за ваш ответ. я ищу ncsoft style 2.5 server.
  2. так практически это означает, что этот сервер больше не является точным 2.5?
  3. Newbie calling

    Hi Gareth if you are still in the game: I am interested in pve and roleplay as well. We can hook up sometimes if you like. Thales
  4. Dear Admins Will this server be sustained in the long run? Population count doesn't matter so much to me, longevity does. If this server is here to stay I would like to stay as well. Greets aionacolyte
  5. Anybody left here?

    I don't mind if not many people are playing, as long as the server will be sustained. Why do people like the newer servers more? Isn't 3.5 way more nerfed, boosted and buffed? (Which i consider a bad thing and I thought this was exactly the reason why ppl wanted private servers....) Can the admins please assure me that this server is here to stay? If so I will gladly delve into this one - even if it is quite empty. I prefer 2.5 over any later server. Thank you aionacolyte