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  1. English L10N Folder download fail

    hey how did u get the game to work? I know it may not be the same problem but I keep getting an error about my directx version when I try to start the game? tried doing exactly what the post of how to get started says and still nothing, just searching the forums now for any kind of solution. if u can help plz do, id love to play as well. loved the older versions of aion
  2. Error Starting Game, DirectX version?

    I just downloaded everything and followed the instructions from the "how to get started" post. when I try to start the game from the launcher I get an error message saying I cannot run Aion with the version of DirectX currently installed. im on windows 10, brand new pc I just bought, with directX version 12. why will it not work? please help!!! really been wanting to play aion for a while now as im a vet from the old days and miss playing the older version of Aion before all the stupid changes came.